Chasing Meteors – by Brendon Stuart

September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

About this time last year, I made a trip out to a little fishing town at the very tip of the south fork of Long Island. This town Montauk, has always held a certain level of fascination for me.

There are tons of stories and legends of the crazy and bizarre things having happened in and around this area. I’ve been out there a number of times now over the years but on this particular trip, I went out to see the Perseids meteor shower which peaks every year around August 12th.  Whenever I’m there I love to explore the town and the old military base near the lighthouse.

These are a few snippets of searches of glimpses, whether they be streaks in the sky lasting fractions of a second, or glimpses of other unknowns which may have slipped from the recesses of history or the imagination. I’m drawn to this place and every time I go, I take pictures. But every trip and experience is different and so the resulting images differ as well which each experience. This is just one of these experiences.

-Brendon Stuart


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