Merapi Volcano

December 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Photographs and text by Andrea Star Reese


Hello, The only time it is possible to see Merapi well is in the very early morning if it is fairly clear. By about 8:30 it is getting obsured by the haze. It is also a bit dangerous due to the sudden slides of mud and rock that travel down and into Yogyakarta. About an hour away. A slide had happened the day before.

We got past the police baracades. So did a few residents.

I found a few residents including the granddaughter of the man appointed by the Sultan to guard and protect Merapi. He died in the eruption. . Just wanted you to see what I am doing . Still searching for the next story. In the meantime I keep working. Try to get better at bringing in something interesting quickly.

Best Regards,

Yogyakarta Indonesia, Merapi Volcano_ Below Merapi little is left of the villages.


Yogyakarta Indonesia, Merapi Volcano_ Merapi, is still considered to be dangerous. Despite the roadblocks, some residents and volunteers come for quick visits to view the damage


Yogyakarta Indonesia, Merapi Volcano_Rosi stands on the site of her home now covered by mud during the eruption of Merapi Volcano.. Rosi is the granddaughter of Mbah Maridjan who was appointed by the Sultan to protect Merapi. Her Grandfather died in his home from the hot gasses in the course of his duties as the Volcano's protector.



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